For those who have heard pf the furry picnic at Sunken Meadow, I'm afraid we'll have to put it off until some other weekend. It's most likely supposed to rain, so I don't think it would be worth it. I mean, if some kind of miracle happens and the forecast changes, maybe it could still happen. If that's the case, we can discuss it on Telegram. However, it's off as of now. Terribly sorry to those who wanted to be there =(


You should probably cancel the event then so people who are not aware go all the way out and find out that nobody is there.

Attention please!

Our new Long Island Furs Furaffinity is up and running! Just needs some sprucing up but we'll get there! If you'd like to join in fun conversation, and keep up with meets, even display some art work please click the link below!

I know that Furaffinity sucks and all, but the LI furs webpage is kinda dead with old information. It should be updated or deleted entirely. Anyone know who has control of it?


I thought it was Xerxes.


Xerxes doesn't have control anymore as far as I know, I think one of the techy LI Furs does now, maybe Ratchet Zufreur I think does now?

Gotta do something so this site doesn't suffer to software and link rot. As if that hasn't already been an issue for the past 6 months or so already..

Ratchet Zufreur

@Glaice I still don't have the control of the site yet. I was going to do a lot of things to it so that way it's all updated and stuff. Xerxes still has control of the site, and my hands are tied until he transfers the site to me.


Are you talking this website or the li furs Furaffinity page? The FA page is controlled by Xerxes and I think one other person. If they don't want it anymore I'll be happy to make a new furaffinity page for LI furs and employ so mods to help me keep it updated. But again that's only if they don't want it, don't want to step on any toes!


Yea Cass. I was referring to the FA page because it's inactive and sometimes I still see some random furries post who may be there but not on the website. The FA page leads to the .info domain, which we all know no longer works.

Ratchet Zufreur

Let's wait to see if Xerxes can recover that account on FA first. If not, then we can go ahead and make a new one. Also I tried to buy the .info domain, but it went up for auction, and I bid $100, then at the very last minute maybe 8 spam bots bid $1 incrementally all the way up to $502 and won it. I would have got the domain back if it wasn't for those pesky spam bots.

Xerxes Qados

Cass I'll PM you the password for the FA page (at least what it was last time I checked)

Server handoff should happen sometime this week. Sorry I've been swamped with stuff and haven't gotten a chance.

Miss y'all <3


Because of Furaffinity's website reset, the LI-furs page is currently unreachable. I'll be making a new account and pop the name up here when it's all done!

Can anyone help me with repairs on a partial suit I have? It's needed work since I bought it due to it being unfinished but I am not capable of doing the repairs and work that needs to be done on it in order for it to be complete. If anyone is interested I can be reached on telegram and Facebook. Please message me for details and pics.

has just joined Long Island Furs

Long island native, grey muzzle. I was a semi active member a few years back. More so on the boards I believe, possibly a meet or two?. 37, m, timber wolf, pan, suiter, congoer. I was active at cons still until two or so years ago and work, life, and medical got in the way again. If i don't remember someone please don't take offense, my memory can be shall we say troublesome, having your brain taken apart multiple times they forget a few screws along the way : o) Looking to enjoy life again as it's been too quite lately. I recall seeing something about bar meets among other interesting outings a while back so i figured I'd say hi and such.


Hello there! Hope to see you around ^^


Hello there.

Mingan Ohanzee

Hello, thank you for the warm welcome. I know I know a few of you, and likely know a few others from A.C., FurFright/Furpoc, FAU, ANE. Might just need to jump start the brain. I hope to get to know the remainder of you and reacquainted with others : o)


Date: 08/12/2017 · Time: 12:00pm
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TENTATIVE DATES: 8/12 & 8/13, 2017

So far same location as past years, if there's a change we'll let you guys know!

Haven't set up rain dates yet BUT it would likely be either 9/2 & 9/3 (Labor Day weekend), OR the weekend after that if ppl have Labor Day weekend plans. (Since Furrydelphia and FAU are on the weekends directly following the BBQ).

Comment here with any scheduling conflicts or etc so we can make any necessary adjustments before officially cementing the dates!

Tumma Karu

Aw snap. August 12th is my brithday! The fiancée and I will have to stop by! :D


I should be able to be there both days but with a different way to get there.


hopefully i can make this ill do my best!!

IROC Husky

I will try to make it out, not sure since that is the weekend of both Otakon and Bronycon I might be on staff at Bronycon.

Melvis Barksy

Surely I'll be there! I could never miss it! ^^


My loves and I will be there with bells on. <3

Anthony { Xeon|Summer

I'm planning on it. If anyone will need a ride get in touch with me on telegram! I'll be open to it, and I can probably fit in up to 3 people depending on who is going and what is being brought! Aiming for both days this time.

Gas money would be appreciated but I'm going to aim to not need to accept any money!


Nice. I'm working on custom printed beer pints to hand out at the BBQ. Once the date is finalized I can add that to the artwork.


So I am going to be ordering some samples of fursuit spray and shampoo from a friend of mine on Wednesday to bring to the OMGWTFBBQ. If anyone is interested please message me ( I can be reached on telegram, Facebook messenger, twitter, instagram and here threw comments.) These are free and I will only be bringing samples for those who contact me by Wednesday. I have a list of scents for anyone interested. I will have business cards with me as well.

has just joined Long Island Furs

Hello! I'm a young fur from the Nassau area on Long Island! I have a passion for reading, writing , art, sewing and of course cats! I've been apart of this fandom for a few years now and it was so exciting seeing a community like this for the LI area!


Hey there welcome! Hope you find your place among fellow LI furs ^^

Beta Gadgets

Hiya and welcome aboard ! :D


Good day and hello.