Hello! I know this is last minute, but I have 8 of these lovely miniature tails that my mother had made after getting into sewing (She calls them TellTails) They are made of fluffy faux fur (except the whale, shark, and blue Sergal) with flex wire inside. They can be used for keychains or can be worn. I'm going to bring them to the BBQ tommarow and Sunday and am selling them for $20 each! I only have these 8 and if you want me to hold them for you, let me know here. Thanks alot!


Sunday is perfect (currently forecast "Mostly Sunny" high of 81, chance of rain 10%)

Saturday forecast has been very unstable over the last few days. At this moment (9 pm on friday) the forecast is "Scattered thunderstorms in the morning, then cloudy skies" with 60% chance of rain. But hourly view shows no rain from 9 am to 8 pm, chance of scattered t-storms appearing only after 9:00 pm.

We're ON for both days. I will have two canopies on saturday to hide under if the scattered tstorms actually happen. Because Saturday is likely to be wet, I recommend fursuiters and other moisture-unhappy items to wait for the Sunday!

Saturday morning edit: Saturday forecast switched to "Cloudy"!

I have a pair of friends who have space for two in their hotel for furpoc, thursday to monday fairly cheap. If anyone is looking contact Guba on telegram at @gubaguy Or contact me anywhere I'm on and I will pass it along if ya don't have telegram.

Anyone going to NYCC?

Iowa Wanato

Me and a group of friends got Friday tickets, so I'll be there then!


I'll be there Friday and Saturday in suit!

Iowa Wanato

Awesome! I'll be in a Metal Gear Solid: V -- Diamond Dog cosplay.

I made a goal that if I see anyone in a fursuit at NYCC, I have to high five them. I warned my friend I'd do it, and I saw some pair of people fursuiting last year, and my friend tried to judo flipped me before I could do it.

So if you see a guy running at you getting ready for a high five with Big Boss chasing him, you know what to expect!

See ya there, lol!

A karaoke night is in proposal at the furry-appropriate themed Lizard Lounge on Sunrise Hwy in Bohemia! Mikes open at 9pm, making 8pm a sensible meetup time. We are looking at Wed 8/16 or Thurs 8/24 for an event date, depending on the response of those interested. Do weigh in if you can join!

Ok, I admit defeat, I can't even figure out how to get the SSL certificate installed onto the server, and if one of you guys know how to do it for Apache, feel free to send me a message on Telegram, and we'll go from there. ( https://t.me/ratchetz ) I wanted to get SSL up and running before I go ahead fixing the rest of the site.

Pool party

Date: 08/26/2017 · Time: 12:03pm
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Needs a Ride:

hello fellow furs I would like to inform you about a pool party I decided to have happen on the 26th of august. The party will be held at my current place of residency. There will be hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill(hopefully functioning at the time of use if not then....pizza?) also don't forget swimwear. the pool water temperature will be between 80 and 90 degrees. BYOB.


This will be the day after camp horseability, sometimes they do an event for the volunteers that day sometimes its later in the week, if their event is not on this day I'm so in. If it is I'll be a sad rawr.


woo that things the 29th so I can totally come the 26th (i'll just be wiped out from camp lol)

Mingan Ohanzee

Sounds like fun, if I manage to attend : o)


i'm still so in the i need a ride, but if i do get one i'm so in :)

Mingan Ohanzee

If you might need a ride fetch me on telegram or text, I'll be out west in the am toward Nassau/queens n then heading back east


Can I get a ride with you too by any chance?